Power BI Case Study - Data Search

Power BI

Burak Demirtas


July 1, 2023


As a long time dashboarder (I’m not sure if this is a real term anyway 😋) and data report developer on various platforms like MS Access, SAP Crystal Reports and MS Report Builder, 1.5 year ago I met with the new kid in the block: Power BI. One of my classes in grad school was all about Power BI and Dashboarding with Power BI. Also I completed many Datacamp courses through the journey.

This was one of my first ‘from the scratch’ Power BI dashboarding works through this journey.

The Dashboard

The case study is creating a dashboard over the given data about data related different job posts and the skills needed for each job. I think there is no need to dive so much in detail, the gif I created is pretty self-explanatory. Yet, if you have any questions in different parts, you can post in the comments or e-mail me using the little envelop on right hand top corner. 😉


This project was a kind of feature exploring on Power BI for me. I got 3 main key takeaways from this:

  1. I cannot say I was really challeneged during this case study. Because even if the tools are changing, the main logic stays the sam in all dashboarding and data visualization tasks no mater the platform is… They got fancier looking, getting more and more powerful, yet, when you are creating reports with them, you hold on your good old “Data Communication” and “Data Storytelling” skills mixed with some UI design tricks.

  2. When you know how was the past and when you see how the technology just got advanced so quickly, you get much more amazed. Many little things I was struggling before on the old tools were just vaporized. Everything got much more simplified, much more interactive and good looking.

  3. I’m not a tableau expert but, it’s quite hard for me to find any example that Power BI just cannot do and Tableau can.

I think MS people done their homework well on this tool. Next step should be data pipelines and ML ops integration with low code like Knime and Ateryx. Then this software would be just unstoppable.